Year Round Core Aeration Fertilizer Schedule

YearRound offers comprehensive lawn treatment solutions to keep your lawn looking great! Services include core aeration, fertilizer applications, compost top-dressing, and weed control, as well as insect and disease treatments as needed.  Using top quality products from Micro Life, Nature's Way Resources, and other industry leaders, YearRound follows application schedules developed by regional Gulf Coast experts. Programs include the quarterly fertilizer schedule and an available monthly treatment option. 

Lake Conroe: Lawn on Fertilizer Schedule/MicroLife Ultimate for Flowerbeds June 2017

Serving the Greater Houston Area! Including Sugar Land, Pearland, Clear Lake, Kingwood, The Woodlands, Cypress, Katy, and more!

Organic Schedule

"The Schedule"

  • Annual Aeration
  • Micro Life Humates Plus-Feb
  • Pre-emergent Herbicide- Feb
  • Low-Salt Synthetic, Slow Release 16-1-4 -Apr
  • Low-Salt Synthetic, Slow Release 16-1-4-Late June
  • Pre-emergent Herbicide- June
  • Low-Salt Synthetic, Slow Release 10-1-5-October
  • Pre-emergent Herbicide  Fall
  • Annual Aeration
  • Micro Life Humates Plus-Feb
  • Micro Life Hybrid 20-0-5- Apr
  • Micro Life Humate Plus-May
  • Micro Life Hybrid 20-0-5-Late June​
  • Micro Life Brown Patch 5-1-3 or Micro Life Hybrid 20-0-5-September/October